New Resident Basics

The Mayor and City Council want to thank you for becoming a part of our community! It is because of people like you that our neighborhoods are great places to raise families and enjoy a high quality of life.

As a new resident, we know you've got questions. Here are some resources to ease your transition into your new home:


The Texas Power and Utility Commission has deregulated the power industry in the state, which allows residents to choose who their power provider is. View rates, terms of service and more at

Natural Gas

Centerpoint Energy provides natural gas to residents and businesses throughout Deer Park and surrounding areas.


The City's Utility Department handles the establishment and maintenance of water accounts. Visit the Utilities website or call 281-478-7221 for more information.

Television & Internet

The city does not endorse any particular provider of TV or internet service.

Trash Collection

The City's Sanitation Division provides residential curbside trash collection, recycling and heavy trash pick-up services. For questions or more information, visit the Sanitation page or call 281-478-7270.

Public Library

The newly renovated and expanded Deer Park Public Library is a wonderful resource for citizens of all ages to check out books, surf the internet and more. Call 281-478-7208 for questions or additional information.

Parks & Facilities

The City of Deer Park Parks & Recreation Department operates and maintains a number of parks and facilities with various amenities for public use.

Alarm System Permits

When purchasing an alarm for your home or business in Deer Park there is a requirement to obtain an alarm permit. The City’s False Alarm Reduction Program handles the registration/renewal of alarm system permits. Call 855-905-0611 for more information.

Discount Rx Card

The City offers a Prescription Discount Card Program to residents regardless of age or socioeconomic status.

School Districts

DPISD and LPISD are the two school districts that operate within the city limits of Deer Park.

Additional Resources


Harris County

We are glad that you chose to become a part of our community. If you have other questions, please call us at 281-478-7201. Welcome to Deer Park, Birthplace of Texas!