Community Center Type B Renovations

Community Center Type B Renovations

The City Council, the Community Development Corporation and the Parks and Recreation Commission have conducted several joint meetings to discuss the Community Center project. The PowerPoint presentations that were presented and discussed at these meetings can be accessed at the links below:

Community Center Building Observations Survey

PowerPoint from July 23, 2018 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from September 24, 2018 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from January 28, 2019 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from February 25, 2019 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from April 22, 2019 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from September 23, 2019 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from November 11, 2019 Joint Meeting

PowerPoint from January 13, 2020 Joint Meeting

Memorandum from July 27, 2020 Joint Meeting - Meeting information

PowerPoint from January 11, 2021 Joint Meeting

Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects Final Report re: Community-Recreation Center Needs Assessment and Concept/Budget

Type B Economic Development Sales and Use Tax - Voters approve continuation during 5/1/21 election

During the May 1, 2021 General and Special Elections, City of Deer Park voters approved the continuation of the one-half of one percent Type B Economic Development Sales and Use Tax. This is a continuation of the Type B Economic Development Sales and Use Tax that was approved by the voters in 2015. The new proposition will allow the funds generated by this tax to be used for the additional Type B economic development purpose of land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and improvements (including the maintenance and operating costs thereof) found by the board of directors of the Deer Park Community Development Corporation to be required or suitable for use for the following: amateur sports, children’s sports, athletic, entertainment and public park purposes and events, including ball parks, parks and park facilities, and open space improvements (including (i) a community/recreation center complex with indoor pool, gymnasium, and indoor track and (ii) an outdoor pool and/or pool related facilities); related concession and automobile parking facilities; related roads, streets, and water and sewer facilities; and other related improvements that enhance any of the above.

A key Type B project is planned to construct a new Community/Recreation Center Complex.

Community-Recreation Complex graphic

The proposed concept for the community/recreation center complex is for two (2) new buildings, both located on the north side of Dow Park.

a) The first building (Phase 1 - Community Center of approximately 12,000 square feet in size) will house activity/program/meeting rooms and staff offices, to be constructed next door to City Hall on the site of the former City Hall.

b) The second building (Phase 2-Recreation Center of approximately 48,000 square feet in size) would house the gymnasium, indoor walking track, and indoor pool to be built on the site of the current Community Center and Gymnasium after demolition of the current buildings.

c) The third building would be a new, outdoor swimming pool bathhouse replacing the existing outdoor swimming pool bathhouse.

The anticipated timeline for construction of the new Community/Recreation Center Complex is approximately 44 months from the start of the architectural design.

A plan to use exiting Type B funding for additional parking/lighting for youth sports facilities (Girls’ Softball, new Soccer complex, and Spencerview) is also being developed to submit to the DPCDC Board of Directors and City Council.  

June 2021 update

Schedule  of events for issuance of Certificates of Obligation for Type B-funded Community/Recreation Center project. Please see document(s) below for more information.

DPCDC Financial Plan and Schedule of Events overview - Certificates of Obligation Series 2021 - May 25, 2021

Deer Park Community Development Corporation - Notice of Public Hearing - July 26, 2021

April 2022 update

On April 5, 2022, the Deer Park City Council awarded the proposal for RFP# 2021-CMAR-1 for the Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) for the Community & Recreation Center Project to Durotech Inc. The Durotech proposal was the highest ranked proposal by the selection committee based upon and in accordance with the criteria and associated weighted value listed in the Request for Proposals. The scoring sheet is attached.