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To serve our God, Country and fellow neighbor is truly a great honor, but to serve alongside the members of the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department is a rare privilege.

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Hybrid Volunteer Fire Academy: Accepting applications year-round.

A traditional fire academy can be a challenge for some individuals. Participation requires a significant sacrifice of time, and the traditional academy may not fit your current career and family responsibilities. A hybrid fire academy can provide you with the flexibility needed to make your dreams of becoming a volunteer firefighter achievable. Our hybrid fire academy will cover various instructional topics in a self-paced ONLINE setting with in-person hands-on skills training. Following the conclusion of the hybrid academy, all cadets will be placed in a 6-month mentorship program to continue learning. Please review the Required Qualifications for Application below and submit your today.


Traditional Volunteer Fire Academy: Accepting applications year-round.

With only 24 hours in a day, we all work diligently to balance the time we spend at work and with our families, but have you ever considered giving back to you community by using some of your spare time to serve your friends and neighbors? The Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department, comprised entirely of volunteers, is looking for men and women just like you to join our ranks and help us fulfill our commitment and mission to serve and protect the City of Deer Park.

​​In order to learn the skills needed for emergency response, cadets will be placed in a 14-week academy that consists of both classroom and hands-on training. In this academy, cadets will learn the principles of building construction, search and rescue, suppression and extinguishment, and many other skills that will prepare them for the types of calls they will face. 

Volunteer EMS: 

Certified EMTs will be placed in a 6-month mentorship program that focuses on applying classroom knowledge to the field while learning our department's medical protocols. 

Upon successful completion of the fire academy and/ or the EMT mentorship program cadets will enter a department that is considered one of the best in the state of Texas, known for its professionalism and excellence!

Sound fun? Do you have what it takes? Join our team! If you don’t, who will?


​​As a department organized under the City of Deer Park, our volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS providers are enrolled in the TSRS Pension Program which provides a state pension at retirement age to those who have served a minimum of 15 years in good standing with the department. Additionally, should the need arise - though we never anticipate having to use it - disability and survivor benefits are also available to our fire and EMS personnel.

​​In our pursuit to provide the best level of service possible, while continuing to live up to our reputation, DPVFD places a strong emphasis on each member’s continuing education. Through shared funding from the Deer Park Fire Control Prevention and Emergency Medical Services District (FCPEMSD), members are guaranteed the opportunity to attend conferences, conventions, local fire and EMS schools, and other training venues. These external opportunities are provided in addition to the department’s continuous, year-round, training and will help expand the skills of each member while aiding the department’s ability to keep policies, strategies, and tactics up to date with leading-edge and modern practices. ​​

All of this enables us to field the most highly trained, competent, and capable firefighters and EMS providers in today’s fire service. ​



Between 19 and 55 years of age

Pass DOT physical exam

Pass functional agility test

Pass a criminal background check

Successfully complete all academy training requirements

Live in Deer Park city limits


Between 19 and 55 years of age

Pass DOT physical

Current Texas EMS certification

Pass physical agility test

Pass a criminal background check

Successfully complete all academy training requirements

If you meet the listed qualifications and are interested in becoming a member please click here to submit an application.