Chief Officers

Fire Chief: Don Davis

​Chief Davis has been with the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department since November of 1976. 

He has served in many positions in the fire department on both the Executive side and the Line Officer side, last serving as Assistant Chief and Training Officer.

​He retired from Dow Chemical (2006) and then went to work as Fire Chief for Pasadena refining, retiring from there in September of 2015.

​He is a certified Master Firefighter with the State Fireman and Fire Marshal's Association of Texas and is a graduate of The University of Houston with a Bachelor's of Science in Safety, Health, and Fire Protection.

​He can be contacted at

Assistant Chief: Phillip Arroyo

Chief Arroyo joined Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department in 2008.

Since that time, he has served in multiple line officer roles including Station 2 Fire Lieutenant and Station 2 Deputy Chief. 

He has attained 2 Bachelor of Science degrees, a Master of Science degree, is commissioned as a Master level firefighter through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and SFFMA, and holds a Certified Fire Executive (VFE) designation from the Texas Fire Chiefs Academy, along with a Fire Service Chief Executive Officer (FSCEO) certificate from Texas A&M. He also graduated from the SFFMA Fire Chiefs Academy and is board certified as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and an Associate Safety Professional (ASP).

​In his current capacity, Chief Arroyo is tasked with ensuring the operational readiness of the fire department's fleet and its members along with ongoing officer development. Additionally Chief Arroyo serves as the department's training chief, coordinating training sessions and maintaining the department's training records.

​He can be contacted at

Station 1 Deputy Chief: Keith Vasquez

Chief Vasquez joined Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department in 2007.

​During his 15 years of service he has served on the DPVFD Executive Board and as Fire Captain at Station 1 and Station 3. 

He is certified as a Firefighter I and Fire Instructor I with the State Fireman and Fire Marshal's Association of Texas. 

​In his current role, Chief Vasquez oversees Station 1 personnel and ensures the readiness of all station equipment.  
​He can be contacted at

Station 2 Deputy Chief: Greg Bridges

​He can be contacted at

Station 3 Deputy Chief: Max Archer

Chief Archer joined DPVFD as a second generation firefighter in 2015. 

Since joining the department, Chief Archer has served as a Fire Lieutenant and a Fire Captain and holds the rank of Engineer-Operator at a local career fire department. 

​Chief Archer has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Master's Degree in Communication Studies, and is certified as an Intermediate level firefighter with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. He holds certifications as Driver/ Operator, Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, and Incident Safety Officer.

​Chief Archer oversees Station 3 personnel and is responsible for the department’s personal protective equipment (PPE).

He can be contacted at