With the Crew

I'm With The Crew...

So many of you have asked, "How can I get involved?" Well, here are just some of the positions and their duties that need filling for each production. If you are interested in crewing a show, just contact our Technical Director, Joe Piper at 281-478-7288 and let him know. One of the best ways to begin your involvement is to attend audition nights for the shows.

  • Assistant Director: A person who assists the Director during rehearsal & Production
  • Stage Manager: The member of the production team responsible for the smooth running of a performance. Before a production opens, the Stage manager attends rehearsals and meetings with other members of the production and coordinates all aspects of a production. During the performance, the Stage Manager cues the actors & the various technical departments.
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Assists the stage manager with his or her jobs.
  • Prompter/Line Coach: A person who assists the actors with their lines during rehearsal.
  • Properties Manager: A person responsible for gathering & managing any "props)": that is, any item(s) that an actor carries onstage or uses during a performance. Props are not part of the scenery or costume.
  • Set Designer: A person who designs the stage, set & scenery.
  • Set Constructors: People who assist the Technical Director in building the set.
  • Backstage Crew: Loose term covering all those who work on a show backstage. Crew manages props backstage, assists the actors, & is responsible for setting the stage each night (cleaning, resetting props, changing the scenery between scenes
  • Sound/Music Designer: Responsible for the creation of all elements of the sound track, including music, sound effects, & background noises.
  • Sound/Music Technician: Responsible for carrying out all elements of the sound track, including music, sound effects, & background noises during a production.
  • Lighting Designer: This person designs, focuses & plots the lighting for a production.
  • Makeup Artist: Applies makeup for actors during a show. May fall under the direction of a makeup designer.
  • Hair Stylist: Styles the hair of the actors. May fall under the direction of a hair designer.
  • Costume Manager: This person is responsible for gathering, sewing and/or creating costumes for a production.
  • Publicity: Responsible for gathering information and writing articles on the show and distributing to all newspapers and email lists. This person also assists in the handout of posters & flyers for the upcoming production.
  • Concession Stand Volunteers: Sells concessions, making sure that there is plenty in stock and that the area is clean at all times. At the end of the concession, the volunteer is responsible for putting all items in their place and marking volunteer's hours & points.