Street, Sidewalk & Drainage Maintenance

The Deer Park Street and Drainage Division holds a very vital role in the Public Works Department. Most people are not aware of the different responsibilities that fall under this division.  They are responsible for street and sidewalk maintenance, drainage maintenance, street and ditch right-of-way mowing as well as mosquito control. 

Composed of professional and technically skilled staff, the Public Works Street and Bridge Division manages and maintains public right-of-way infrastructure including streets, bridges, sidewalks, guardrails, trees and vegetation.    Our crew works hard every day to respond to customer requests, deliver proactive cost-effective services, plan for future street infrastructure needs and perform preventative maintenance. Routine services such as street sweeping and mowing, pothole repairs, debris removal, and weed control within the City’s street and ditch right-of-ways takes place on a daily basis. 

The crew consist of Supervisor, Shain Olson, and Assistant Supervisor, Richard Bermea, along with a total of 11 operators and labors. 


  • Perform annual street paving and reconstruction
  • Investigate and respond to citizen requests
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Clean and excavate city ditches
  • Repair deteriorated curbs and gutters
  • Inspect and clean storm sewer inlets
  • Repair potholes
  • Implement annual crack seal program
  • Mow and maintain (along with the Parks and Recreation Department) some of the right of ways
  • Spray for mosquitoes city-wide

At our Report A Concern site, you can Report Drainage Issues and also Report Other Street Issues.