Chemical Emergency

EmergencyPhotoIf a chemical emergency could affect citizens within the City of Deer Park, Police dispatchers will activate the Outside Alarm System. The alarms are activated for chemical emergencies or severe weather such as a tornado that’s been spotted in the Deer Park area.

Starting April 5, 2014, the Outside Alarm System is now tested weekly at 12:00 noon every Saturday.  This will allow for more frequent testing of the system and enhance community awareness.

Nine siren-type alarms are mounted on utility poles throughout the City of Deer Park (plus another alarm is installed at Battleground State Park). The alarms can be sounded citywide or only in the geographic area affected by the emergency.

Emergency Notification service

Also, the City’s free emergency notification service called Blackboard Connect-CTY can ring the telephones of homes and businesses in the immediate danger area, giving pre-recorded instructions about what to do. You can add your cell phone numbers or unlisted numbers by visiting here  or clicking on the icon box below:


Blackboard Connect-CTY can be activated citywide or within one or more geographic zones, calling thousands of telephones within minutes.To verify that your home, work, cell and unlisted phone numbers are in the Blackboard Connect-CTY database, please call 281-479-2394 during regular business hours.

Other City  Notification Services

If you live, work, or travel through other cities in east Harris County, you can sign up for free alerts by telephone, email or SMS text messages sent by other City or County Offices of Emergency Management.

  • Register for city/county alert systems– Baytown, Deer Park, El Lago,Harris County (Unincorporated), Houston, Jacinto City, La Porte, Nassau Bay, Pasadena, Seabrook, Taylor Lake Village, and Webster.

Emergency Preparedness Guides

Be prepared for any Hurricane, Tropical Storm or Chemical Emergency with our Emergency Preparedness Guide. Need help knowing the correct way to “Shelter in Place” then see our guides below.